In this podcast, Ryan discusses the update on Jason’s precision AR-15 rifle build and he announces the winner (on price, at least) of his and Jason’s “El-Cheapo” AR-15 build.  Spoiler alert: one of the Cleckner boys built the AR-15 for under $400!  Ryan also talks about some of his preferences for eye and ear protection and answers listener submitted questions concerning how to paint rifles and bipod and bag selection.



Jason’s Build PRICE SOURCE
Lower Receiver $50.00 Layke Tactical        Blem Lower. Only available when in stock. Call for details
Lower Parts $44.99 brownells                           complete lower parts kit
Buttstock $49.99 rimary Arms       Rifle stock kit
Upper Receiver $67.99 Sato Arms                         upper reciever with dust cover and forward assist
BCG $79.77 Primary Arms                 Complete bolt carrrier group
Charging Handle $12.99 Primary Arms   Anderson charching handle
Barrel $79.99 Palmeto State Armory
Gas Tube $8.99 Primary Arms                      Gas tube
Muzzle Device N/A  Barrel does not have threads for one8.99
Handguard $26.99 Amazon        7 inch hand rail with barrel nut
Sight/Optic $17.99 Amazon      red dot sight
Gas Block $10.00 Lake tactical       gas block blow out of old stock. When purchased 10 left in stock
TOTAL $449.69




Lower Receiver
Tennessee Arms Co Hybrid $42.99
Lower Parts Kit
Wise Arms $37.99
Target Sports Full stock kit $39.99
Upper Receiver
Anderson Slick $39.95
DS Arms $74.99
Charging Handle
Anderson $12.99
Wise Arms $69.99
Gas Tube
Radical $8.99
Muzzle Device
A2 Flash Hider $6.32
Handguard Freefloat
Sniper Mini 4″ $18.95
NcStar Red Dot $8.40
Gas Block
MAS Defense $16.99
TOTAL $378.54



Ryan’s “El-Cheapo” rifle:

img_5987 img_5988 img_5989 img_5990 img_5991

“El-Cheapo” Build Rules:

  1. Lower must be “stripped.”  No pre-assembled lowers.
  2. Upper must not have barrel installed.  May purchase with ejection port cover and forward assist installed.
  3. If the part belongs, it must be used.  e.g. if the barrel isn’t threaded, a muzzle device isn’t necessary or if there’s no space for a forward assist, then one isn’t necessary.
  4. Components must be available to the general public.  No “buddy deals” and no home-made parts.
  5. No auctions – firm prices for parts only (sale items are ok).
  6. Shipping and tax are not included (this is to normalize our efforts in two different parts of the country).
  7. Must fire two 30-round magazines without a malfunction (including locking the bolt to the rear after each magazine)
  8. Must be able to shoot a 10″ group at 50 yards using bulk/commercial ammo.
  9. Cheapest complete rifle that meets ALL of the above rules wins.




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